Look at These 5 Signs You Might Need a Mechanic

Then pick up the phone and call Bennett Automotive in New Milford, CT

Many of us don’t think about our cars until something goes wrong. We expect our vehicles to start whenever we turn the key. But, like any other machine, eventually your vehicle will need repair service. When you turn your key and nothing happens, call the full service mechanics at Bennett Automotive.

We are a large, family owned and operated car repair shop serving New Milford and surrounding areas in Connecticut. Our excellent reputation is built on exceptional customer care and quality repair services. Let our car repair experts look over your ride and get you back on the New Milford, CT, roadways in no time.

Get your car fixed in a flash!

While there are obvious clues to a problem with your vehicle, such as smoke billowing from the hood, your car will display other more subtle warning signs that something is wrong. With years of experience in the automotive industry, our goal is to not only repair already damaged vehicles but also to prevent your car having from experiencing further problems.

Bring your ride to Bennett Automotive if you notice:
1. Strange noises
2. Warning lights
3. Oil or other fluid under your car
4. Vibrations that won’t stop
5. Bad gas mileage

Repairing an issue before it turns into a major problem can mean the difference between keeping your car or scrapping it for a new one because your engine blew up.

With a wide range of automotive repair and specialty services, there’s no problem too big or too small for our car repair professionals to handle.

Comprehensive repair and maintenance services when you need them most

At Bennett Automotive in New Milford, CT, we pride ourselves on being an exceptional car repair shop with reliable mechanics. Whether you need brake repair work or want a Millenium Bedliner installed in your truck, you’ll find the services you’ve been looking for at Bennett Automotive.

Call Bennett Automotive in New Milford, CT, at 860-354-5585 to learn how our expert mechanics can repair your vehicle with ease.

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